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Second Nature was founded to help owners and executives manifest good quality of life organizations. We serve our clients by guiding them in all aspects of their organization. Our vision is to better enable small businesses to have an impact on their communities with job creation through happy customers and joyful employees. All in the belief that everyone can expect to enjoy their time at work and be part of something great.

We believe a wholehearted community rests on the strength of our businesses and their leaders. We understand that running a business can be difficult, time consuming, and stressful. We also understand that business owners and executives have a lot to offer beyond what they are doing today.

Imagine a community of businesses that are functioning at a high level. Employees ENJOY showing up for work. Potential employees are knocking on the door because it is a stark difference from their current employer. Business is humming along and it is FUN!

As part of that vision, business owners and executives can lead, mentor, create, innovate, and grow even more. They have the time to expand their sphere of influence. It is a perpetual motion that creates harmony inside the business, at home with our families, and beyond into our communities. It is all tied together; it is Second Nature.

...leading your business is a deeply ingrained habit...

Lead Volunteers

We create exclusive partnerships with non-profit organizations in order to guide them and those they serve towards massive achievement. They are an integral part of a wholehearted community and we are here to serve them.

There is a powerful focus of the unique skills and talents available from within Second Nature so that any non-profit can excel as an organization and achieve even greater success with those they serve.

When we manifest awesome businesses and awesome non-profit organizations the community will be better off because of it.

Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer

Paul is the founder and managing director of Second Nature Solutions. Formerly the co-founder and COO of POMIET, a software craftsmen, team as a service company that specializes in enterprise healthcare systems. He is also the co-founder of Healthii, a personalized care planning product that improves patient outcomes. Paul has had direct impact within 20 Fortune 500 organizations spanning healthcare, financial, airline, marketing, automotive, and consumer packaged goods industries. He mentors executives and coaches individuals to garner natural leadership. He has delivered many multi-million dollar enterprise software and business development initiatives.

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Thanks again for your time and effort; I'm sure I don't say it enough and am certainly not claiming to be the mouthpiece for the whole organization, but it's very much appreciated!

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