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A Letter to You

We believe you are a powerful force within your community.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Over the course of more than two decades, I have observed and learned that working people are yearning for more. They are frustrated with the bureaucracy, with the heavy burden to deliver, with no real power to affect their own self worth or the company’s. They have come to assume, “that’s just how it goes”.

But that is not what is natural for us as people. We are energized by making a difference, by being a part of something meaningful, by serving and helping others. Why then, do we seldom practice these desires at work? 

It is my belief that we really want to attain those desires but we do not know how. Leaders are not practiced and are just doing the best they can. Workers are making a go of it; the best way they know how. It is a labor intensive rat race. It does not have to be this way!

I founded Second Nature Solutions to enrich our business owners and executives with a different approach to their standard thinking. It is based on our listening, coaching and advising that creates a unique, self-sustaining entity for our cleints. We are not a transaction. We are not reading along in a book implementing the latest cookie cutter. It is a holistic approach that matches who and where you are today. Any foundation of rock is built on honest, authentic leadership and consistent, predictable outcomes. 

Amazingly enough, that foundation reveals happy customers and joyful employees. Validating the belief that everyone can expect to enjoy their time at work and be part of something great. All while promoting peace of mind within and outside the organization.

Oh and you will be excited to know that it also equals a successful, profitable business!

We look forward to a long lasting relationship.